Welcome to our site about town of Melnik

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria but it has a long history. When you enter the town it seems like you fall into the past. There are picturesque houses with tiled roofs, narrow streets, stone roads and carts loaded with wine barrels. It is a calm and quiet town. But at the same time performance of service here is according to European level. Cozy hotels, traditional restaurants, wine degustation, gift shops - that’s what modern Melnik suggests nowadays.

The red wine which you can try here will make you doubt that the best wine is only in France. Wine of Melnik has rich taste and odour. Wine makers from Melnik are famous far outside Bulgaria. Wine making has been prospering here for centuries. The trade secrets is being passed across the generations. And since the climate is Mediterranean, it is possible to cultivate proper sorts of grapes here.

But Melnik is not famous only for its great wine. Among local attractions it can be mentioned Pashova houseKordopulova house (wine making museum) and ruins of medieval churchеs. The area around Melnik is also interesting. Not far from the town there is Rozhensky Monastery. It’s one of the several bulgarian medieval cloisters which preserved its original appearance quite good. And of course we can’t forget the amazing nature of this region (Pirinsky Kray). Sandy pyramids of Melnik for sure are an extraordinary miracle created by nature.

Melnik is situated in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. It belongs to municipality of Sandanski, Blagoevgrad region. The population of the town is only 390 people. It is the smallest town in Bulgaria. Melnik is situated in the mountain area at a height of 437 m above sea level. Small river Melnishka Reka runs through the town. For hiking lovers there is a trailway through picturesque places going to Pyramids of Melnik. Also you can reach Pirin and Malina cabins from here or try other tourist routes. Outside the town you can discover dozens of sandy caves. Long time ago they served as wine-cellars for people who lived there. It’s unbelievabale how big was Melnik in the past and how small it is now.

Come to visit this small but beautiful town and you won’t regret!