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Cabin Pirin

The so-called hizhas in Bulgaria worth a separate description. Bulgarian hizha is a cabin where tourists can stay overnight and have some rest. Usually such cabins are situated in distant places where there are no settlements in the area. Most of cabins in Bulgaria are situated in the mountains.

The Cabin "Pirin" is situated in the valley of Demirkapiyska river at a height of 1640 m above sea level. It was built in 1934 and was named "Velebit". The name was changed to "Trite Reki" and in 1945 to "Pirin". The cabin has 78 banks. It is provided with running water and electricity. But WC is situated outside of the building. The cabin has its own kitchen and a restaurant.

The trailways to Kamenitsa peak and to other peaks of the main chain between Dzhano i Boykov Vrah peaks start from here.

You can reach the cabin "Pirin" by foot from Melnik (it will take you 5-6 hours) or by car from the village Pirin (approximately 18 km).