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Garvanova Rock

Garvanova rock is named after bald eagles who once inhabited the rock. (In Bulgarian "garvan" means "raven"). Local people by mystake called these birds ravens and so the name of the place was born. In inaccessible corners of the rock eagles have lived from time immemorial, until 1941 when, due to unfortunate circumstances, were totally annihilated. That year winter was very severe. Many hungry packs of wolves appeared around the village. They caused heavy damage to herds. To eliminate the terrible scourge villagers sprayed the corpses of strangled by predators animals with poison and hung them in different places throughout the wolf’s trails. It is not known how it affected the packs, but bald eagles also have eat the poison and all died. Defeat on their population was so scary that to this day new birds have not appeared on their place.

There are many myths and legends remained about Garvanova rock. Here’s one of them.

Once in Kashina there lived a girl with unearthly beauty and strength. Her name was Kanta. She was proud and inaccessible to bachelors from Kashina and waited for a rich candidate from far faraway. Two dragons (one from Pirin mountains from Demirkapiya and another from Belasitsa mountains from Lopovo) noticed Kanta’s beauty from their trones in inaccessible caves. Madly in love with Kanta, the two grappled in the hot battle among themselves for her love. They arrived to Kashina shrouded in dark clouds. Locked in mortal combat one with another, they threw lightnings, thunders and storms on Kashina. Thunders frightened people and cattle, lightnings set on fire uprooted old trees, rain floods carried everything away. The village became deserted, people were frightened, young and old trembled from fear when there started another dragon battle over Kashina. One bright starry night, dressed in wedding gown, Kanta got at the top of Garvanova rock and jumped into a deep abyss. Shepherds from Chiripa heard her shouting: "Goodbye, dear villagers. I sacrifice myself, young and beautiful, still unmarried!"

Garvanova rock is a great wonder of nature with its height of 100 meters. Its massive crest as an ancient giant is hanging over the gorge of the river. If you look from below, from its base, you’ll be amazed of the powerful nature which threw over stone blocks into bizarre shapes layered over each other.

You can reach the Garvanova rock by the trail from the village Kashina indicated by signs for Kashina Falls. Once you reach the waterfall, the trail continues up and there you can enjoy the wonderful view of the scale.