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Melnik is situated 20 km far from Sandanski. There is a bus from Sandanski to Melnik leaving every day at 16:30. It will take about half an hour to get there.

There is also a bus from Sofia to Melnik. It leaves central bus station every day at 14:00 and arrives to Melnik at 17:00.

The distance between Sofia and Melnik is about 170 km. It will take you about 3 hours to get there by car. To reach Melnik get out of Sofia to the south. Take the ramp to Kulata (Кулата) / Dupnitsa (Дупница). Merge onto Route 1/E79. You will pass by Dupnitsa (Дупница), Blagoevgrad (Благоевград), Sandanski (Сандански). After 140 km exit onto Route 109. There are only 10 km left to Melnik. You will pass by the villages Spatovo (Спатово), Hotovo (Хотово), Lozenitsa (Лозеница).