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Melnik's local specialties are sheep yoghurt with figs and cake with cheese called "banitsa". 


There was a time when Melnik's wine was a privilege of the top party elite in Bulgaria and the former Soviet Union.


In XVII-XVIII centuries Melnik was inhabited by 25,000 people, there were about 1300 houses and 70 churches (just for comparison - now population of Melnik is only about 300 people) Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria with a population about 300 people.


Melnik's wine was the favorite wine of Sir Uinston Churchill. Every year he has ordered about 500 liters of the wine.


The climate in the area of Melnik is suitable for people with respiratory problems, kidney and rheumatic diseases.


In socialist times the town has been included in the compulsory program of excursions for pupils.


According to local inhabitants in 1915 here Yane Sandanski passes by with his horse before being ambushed and killed on his way to Gotse Delchev.


It is believed that Melnik is the sunniest and the warmest city in Bulgaria.


Melnik is famous for its incredible red wine from Shiroka Melnishka. This is an old red grape variety that can grow only in southwestern Bulgaria near Melnik, Sandanski and Petrich in the valley of the Struma River. All attempts of it to be moved to other regions of Bulgaria or abroad were unsuccessful. This makes it a unique variety.