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Kashina Falls

Kashina Falls is one of the largest and most beautiful natural attractions in the Pirin Mountains. Among locals it is also known as "Skoko", ("Skoko" means "jump" in Bulgarian) for its swift jump which its waters make after the glade close to Garvanova scale. The height of the waterfall is about twenty meters. The noise of falling water echoes far faraway, and the water falls so fast that it turns to the white mist and moisture everything around it. Villagers believe that breathing humid air around the waterfall, mixed with the scent of geranium, oregano and thyme, gives strength to tired people, raises mood of sad people and helps sick people to forget pain and suffering.

Waters of the waterfall are very cold. The river is not suitable for bathing. Nevertheless, every summer there are crazy daredevils who want to refresh themselves in clean and transparent water of Kashina Falls and hide there from the summer heat.

The waterfall is located about 2 km from the village and can be reached by hiking trail from the village, which is not suitable for cars and is marked with signs. Walking distance is about 30-40 minutes to go and is a great walk in the incredible scenery.