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Pyramids of Melnik

Pyramids of Melnik were proclaimed the natural place of interest in 1960. And they are really unique. It’s a natural formation which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is considered that such pyramides were formed because of the soil erosion. The Pyramides of Melnik are in process of their formation and their form is changing in the course of time. Besides pyramidal form the formations have the form of cones, needles, mushrooms and others. The height of the pyramids is up to 100 m. It is typical of them that their slones are sandy, sometimes absolutely vertical, and there are grasses and plants growing on the top.

Melnik is a starting point for several hiking trails. While walking you can enjoy picturesque view of incredible nature of Pirinsky region and of the pyramids as well. The most popular group of pyramides is situated close to Karlanovo village. There you can see one of the biggest sandy pyramides. Night lodging is also available there.