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Rupite Area (Vanga’s Place)

Rupite area together with the church "Saint Petka of Bulgaria" is a part of Hundred Tourist Sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The area is a cozy complex with a nice park. The grass is cut, there are lots of flowers, benches, gazebos. There is also a convenient parking for visitors. Famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga passed the last years of her life here. Her house is well preserved. Any visitor can be charged with positive energy from this place. Although Vanga is no longer among us, many people believe that even now she can help sick and sufferers. In 1994 with her ​​funds the church of Saint Petka Bulgarian was raised near her house. The icons of the iconostasis were painted by famous artist Prof. Svetlin Rousev. Images of saints are too realistic and are not approved by the Holy Synod. That’s why the church is not recognized by the BOC (Bulgarian Orthodox Church).

The territory of Rupite area has many spas and pools. Prophetess Vanga has said about this miraculous place that it has been filled with energy. The area is located at the foot of the hill Kozhouh which used to be a volcano hundreds of years ago. As a result of a volcanic eruption there are lots of magmatic rocks in Rupite. The temperature of mineral water from the springs flowing from here is about 75 degrees Celsius. The mineral water has medicinal properties and treats different diseases of the digestive system, endocrine-metabolic diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal, neurological, gynecological and skin diseases.

Natural healing complex nowadays offers separate men and ladies lounge, including shower rooms, two pools and a beach with grass for recreation. Only mineral water is used in showers and pools. One of the pools has natural immune-stimulating algae chlorella. There is also a separate relaxation area with a bigger pool where families can relax together with their kids.

The hill Kozhouh is also a place of interest. If you have enough time you should climb at the top of the hill where the view is really fabulous. You can see the whole Petrich field and surrounding mountains from there. Pay attention that climbing to the top is not easy as there are no paths and the slope is quite steep. It is acceptable only for experienced hikers. From the western side (from Rupite village), however, the slope is not so steep and climbing is not a problem. You should be careful with snakes because Kozhouh is also a natural reserve for reptiles. The hill was declared a natural landmark in 1962 because of its interesting origin and the variety of rare species of flora and fauna, some of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

2 km east of the village Rupite in the Kozhouh area there are ruins of ancient city Petra, founded in the last quarter of the fourth century BC.

Rupite area is located about 7 km from the town of Petrich. It can be reached by car. Travelling from Sandanski in the direction of Kulata before Novo Delchevo village you should turn to the right taking the road to Petrich. After you cross Struma River you should turn to the left following asphalted road about 1 km. The whole way is marked, so it’s hard to get lost. If you prefer travelling by bus you should take one to Petrich, get off before turn to Rupite and walk the short distance on foot. If you travel by train get off at the station General Todorov (even fast trains stop there), cross the Struma River and soon you’ll reach Rupite.