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St Barbara Church

St Barbara Church (in Bulgarian - tsarkva "Sveta Varvara") is situated in the north-eastern part of Melnik close to Kordopulova house. The Saint Barbara is a protector from sudden death which is considered a punishment as a death without penance and confession in Christianity. The Saint Barbara lived in the 3-rd century. Her father was a heathen. When he found out that his daughter had adopted Christianity, he subjected her to brutal tortures and beheaded her by himself. Barbara was proclaimed Saint because she suffered and died in the name of Christ and Christianity.

It is not known for sure when the St Barbara Church was built. Approximately in the 13-th - 14-th centuries in the time of Melnik’s prosperity. The church was a building consisted of three parts with one apse.

Now you can find only ruins on the place where the majestic church was situated before. The locals put an icon of St Barbara on the place where the altar was situated before. There you can usually find a candle, coins or some food left for her. We hope that this unique historical monument will be noticed and restored some day.