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St Nicholas Church

Metropolitan church of St Nicholas (in Bulgarian - "tsarkva Sveti Nikola") is situated not far from Melnik in the central part of the hill of St Nicholas. The church by itself is not preserved. Only eastern wall and some interior details remain till now. In the past the building of the church consisted of three parts. It was a basilica with three thresholds of eastern type. On the walls you can see the elements of paintings which are of great artistic value. Some of them are kept in the Archeological Museum of Sofia. 

It is not know when the church of St Nicholas was built in Melnik. Hypothetically it was built in the 11-th - 12-th centuries. But the wall-paintings are dated the 13-th century. The church was functioning till the 19-th century. But in 1929 it was already in ruins. It can be explained. At the beginning of the 20-th century the town was practically left. It was destroyed and robbed during couple of decades. The situation is getting better nowadays thanks to tourizm development. But for the St Nicholas church as well as for other cultural monuments in Melnik is unfortunately very late.