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Sts Peter and Paul Church

Sts Peter and Paul Church (in Bulgarian - tsarkva "Sv. Sv. Petar i Pavel") is situated in the southwestern part of Melnik in five minutes from the centre of the town. It is a national cultural monument and is a part of cultural and historical reserve "Melnik".

Peter and Paul are the most honoured apostles in Christianity. They are called preeminent saint apostles for their zealous service to the Lord and dissemination of Christian faith.

Sts Peter and Paul Church in Melnik was built in the 19-th century. The painted iconostasis, the ambon, the Bishop’s throne, decorative wall paintings, icons etc. are of great artistic value. The Bishop’s throne is the only one mitropolitan throne of the 19-th century in Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, now the church is not functioning and is on the restoration.


Interesting facts

In XVII-XVIII centuries Melnik was inhabited by 25,000 people, there were about 1300 houses and 70 churches (just for comparison - now population of Melnik is only about 300 people) Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria with a population about 300 people.