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Tourist route Melnik - Rozhensky Monastery

This is a nice route which can be passed for about 1 - 1 hour and a half. The road passes through beautiful places full of natural phenomenas and historical sites. Starting from Melnik the way gains height little by little, crosses unique Melnik sandstone pyramids, and enters the young oak forests changing with beech and coniferous forests after a while.

The route starts in Melnik. It passes by the centre of the town, turns to the left before St Anthony Church and goes up to the so-called Rozhensko Dere (which means - Gorge of Rozhen). The riverbed is crossed by concrete rapids which help to prevent natural floods and landslides. After a while we enter a world of strange Melnik Pyramids - gray and white sandstones mixed with clay and limestone.

The trail is not marked. It changes its direction passing through the very riverbed or slightly deviates to one or another side. After about 20 minutes we reach the fork in the road after which the gorges are two. We take a right and climb up the gentle slope, and after about 10 minutes we reach the steep grade leading to the top of the hill. In some parts of the trail cobbles of the old wine road from Bansko to Melnik are preserved. A beautiful view opens up from the top of the hill: the majestic mountain Belasitsa stands in the south, in the southeast we see Slavyanka mountain, in the eastern valley far faraway we can see Rozhensky Monastery and in the north there are the powerful crags of Pirin (we can see a small part of Yalovarnika and Kuklite peaks). Far to the east, but only when the weather is good, we can see the TV tower of the peak Orelyak (it looks like a small stick from here).

After a little deviation from the route to the right (about 50-60 m) we can find the natural phenomenon Kamennata Gyba (which means a stone mushroom). After we get to the very brink of the hill (about 20 m) a great chasm opens in front of us with the beautiful world of the pyramids. Among the lush greenery of bushes and
broad-leaved trees there are tall and high sand pyramids standing proudly with stone caps on the tops. This view leaves an unforgettable impression and makes you come back again and again.

From here the trail goes to the left and down and after about 7-8 minutes we arrive at Rozhensky Monastery - a rare historical attraction.